Where is my order?

Did you get an email saying "Your MITTZ Inc. order is now complete"?

  • Yes? If so, your order has been shipped. Your order is in the mail and you should receive it shortly.
  • No? It hasn't been shipped yet. We usually ship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Don't worry, you will get your order shortly.


I only received part of my order? Where is the rest?

  • With our Regular Shipping, we can fit only fit 2 Mittz per package. If you ordered 2 or more, you'll get multiple packages. Sometimes, there will be a delay from getting the first and subsequent packages. They have all been sent and should arrive shortly.


Any other questions? (Besides, where's my order?)

  • Finally, Canada Post tends to get backed up around the holidays, and this has been more and more apparent during the pandemic. We greatly appreciate your patience in receiving your order. Nobody wants your order to arrive to you promptly like us here at Mittz Inc, I assure you. Once we put it in the mail, it is out of our hands and on "Canada Post time."
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